Developer and bank

The construction company which performs all the construction works on the Lesta 10 project was founded in 1989 and it is now one of the biggest development companies in Estonia. Nordecon’s portfolio includes a number of successfully completed projects in the real estate, commercial property, road construction and urban infrastructure development.

LHV bank is one of the biggest Estonian banks that was formed in 1999. It has almost 300 people working for the bank. Offices are located in Tallinn and Tartu. More than 100,000 clients are using the banking services. LHV is a financial partner for the Haven Kakumäe project.


Architectural bureau from the Netherlands with the wide experience in urban development. Founded in 1989 the company proved to be a key player in the fields of architecture and urbanism during last 30 years.
The KCAP team developed the master plan and the architectural concept of the territory and a detailed preliminary design for the buildings and the landscape.

Architectural design office PLUSS was founded in 2002 and now is one of the biggest architectural studios in Estonia. The PLUSS’s portfolio includes miscellaneous objects – office buildings, theatres, hotels, churches, hospitals, apartment buildings, private houses, seaports – altogether over 900 000 square meters. AB PLUSS team has developed layouts and engineering solutions for the Haven Kakumäe residences following up the architectural concept and in compliance with local legislation.

Interior architects

Architectural bureau from Estonia with a long experience in design. Arch-D team has created interior design and selected all finishing materials and furniture. In addition the company offers individual design projects for the apartments. Arch-D specialists can help with interior solutions and give tips on, furniture, decoration and accessories in your apartment.