Marina lifestyle

In Haven Kakumäe everything is inspired by the sea. The residential complex is located in the yacht harbor. You can hear the sound of waves, feel the fresh breeze and watch stunning sunsets directly from your apartment’s window. The beach and the promenade can be found in the close distance from the complex.

Often the sea is associated with the beauty and romance, the sense of peace, adventures and travelling. Add the sea spirit to your life!

Harmony with nature

Kakumäe is a green and eco-friendly district in Tallinn. And Tallinn is considered as one of the cleanest cities in Europe.

It’s a pleasure to see trees and grass from your window. And it is nice to have a lot of places to walk around with a family and friends. You’ll find it all in Haven Kakumäe.

Active way of life

Haven Kakumäe is the perfect place for people who enjoy healthy and active lifestyle. Right next to the house you can find sport grounds. There are many opportunities for outdoor sports for a whole family, like cycling and jogging along the coastline. Also you can go sailing. We have the children sailing school at our marina. The yacht club organizes sailing trainings and regattas for adults as well.


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